Anime Fans Should Watch These 10 Cartoons

Anime Fans Should Watch These 10 Cartoons
Anime Fans Should Watch These 10 Cartoons

Anime fans can be finicky, but these animations are sure to appeal to followers of all fandoms.

When it comes to animation, the Japanese-inspired subgenre known as anime has a devoted following, with many fans eager to immerse themselves in yet another inventive production.

Some people mostly prefer a green haired anime girl as their favorite character.

There's no shortage of high-quality anime series spanning a wide range of genres and topics. Fans of this specific style may, however, attempt to expand their horizons and discover new shows that are comparable but distinct. There are a number of cartoons that were either inspired by or have comparable qualities to anime, despite the fact that they were not formally given this designation.

Though Jackson Publick's The Venture Bros . is more reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons than anime, this amusing romp is similarly nuanced in terms of themes and visuals.

The colorful cast, which is mostly based on John Quest character reimaginings, lays the groundwork for unexpectedly complex character dramas with a dash of humor aimed at an adult audience. This engaging mix of action, comedy, and drama has a lot in common with traditional anime elements.

Simply put, there's a reason this animated series is one of Adult Swim's most popular original series.

Japanese anime is so diverse that it is almost impossible not to find one that you like. In this collection, feature films that have won the hearts of many people around the world and have been highly praised by professionals. Naturally, there is not everything here, but it is quite enough for an exhilarating dive.

Animes became so popular by the time that a lot of shops and restaurants opened in their theme. There are a lot of anime shops in London. 

The cartoon "Akira" appeared at the end of the "golden age of anime" in 1988. The film experimented with computer special effects, was distinguished by extremely high rendering of backgrounds, and most importantly, the frame rate was doubled in it (up to 24 frames per second), which is not very typical for anime. It was a high-budget, ambitious project and, as a result, it failed to recoup itself in the Japanese box office.

However, it was Akira that sparked an instant and intense interest in anime in the West, making Japanese animation an international treasure. The cult character of this cartoon, which has already become a classic, was largely ensured by its plot. The cyberpunk tale of mutant children being trained by the military government and the disaster that happens when one of them gets out of control is impressive.

This cartoon can easily be ranked among the masterpieces of Japanese animation cinema: each frame of it can be stopped and hung on the wall, like a finished picture, whether it be an image of the night sky in a modest village, or views of the thundering metropolis of Tokyo.

“Your name” was chosen by viewers all over the world, it is no coincidence that Paramount Pictures and JJ Abrams have personally announced that they will work on its American adaptation. So soon the mystical love story of a city boy and a modest girl, full of unexpected twists, against the background of tragic events from the alternative past of Japan, will receive a new embodiment.

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Anime Fans Should Watch These 10 Cartoons